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Cum Laude

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Cum Laude is the result of a triple hybrid between pure sativas component

The jewel in the crown , as D. Antonio Escohotado . Sublime , celestial drunkenness. Dizzying brain activity, transporting you to the place where dreams are born . Licentiate in culture with honors.

Cum Laude born Professor D. Antonio Escohotado , for all his invaluable work normalizing and regularized in the world of cannabis throughout his life as thanks. Teacher, lawyer , philosopher , writer ... its merits as a catapult from the 100 greatest thinkers of the twentieth century. Moreover , if this were not enough , D. Antonio is part of the current cannabis movement and is considered one of the pioneers in the fight for the rights of consumers of cannabis. In addition to this Antonio has wisely counseled and offered its selfless assistance to the legalization groups such as RCN NOK .

Since its inception, will grow at an astounding rate with a perfect shaped pattern typical fir . Pruning on growth will change the shape of candlestick pattern ( more discreet and unnoticed) . And that is why it is advised to reduce the maximum growing period . Has a high internodal distance but the structure of branches and stems optimally supports the weight of large flower clusters. Average number of leaves , very narrow and serrated showing a faint green color during all phases. The buds resemble thick and fluffy extremely hairy ears of wheat and of course , covered with a layer of trichomes very oily .

Cum laude is the result of a triple hybrid between pure sativas component. Selected cuttings were donated to us with the intention of working with selective breeding among them and develop a stable line of pure sativa . GENEALOGY ( Queen Mother Tijuana X ) X Original Haze

Its use is advised late in the day with clearly introspective .

SMELL : In growing season , the plant gives off an aniseed scent with notes of lavender. It has already warned of a complex and special aroma that anger modifying and acquiring much deeper and complex odors reminiscent of coffee and exotic spices. The aroma is accentuated dry and comes to permeate everything quickly. Learn to recognize it easily in two or three tastings , given its uniqueness .

TASTE : EUREKA ! Here is his strong point, friends sativa . It lasts and lasts on the palate than the Duracell batteries due to its high content of terpenes and terpenoids ( pinonello , limonello and mandarin ) if you do not like this flavor could say that you do not like sativa . We see strong notes of forest land and peat on the palate with spicy sensations . Extreme dry mouth and taste permeated the taste buds for a while ...

EFFECT : It provides a state of intoxication very lucid immediate and lasting pleasure, where thoughts flow faster and can cause heightened moments of creativity. No doubt an elixir haze that falls to lovers of exotic sativas.

INDOOR : After extensive tested assure that requires no growing period of 18h of light. We started planting directly in the photoperiod 12/12 . The plant will grow successfully but avoid the growth phase . In fact , so much better control the final height of the plant. At 35 days of birth with 12/12 photoperiod began to show the beginning of their flowers. In approximately 45 days will be ready for harvest . If you develop a large central floral system is advisable to use a bamboo tutor to prevent his fall. It should provide a rich nitrogen nutrition to prevent premature yellowing . Correcting the pH of irrigation water is also grateful for the plant at harvest stage . As a virtue must be stressed that tolerates high humidity successfully being resistant to powdery mildew, Botrytis , rust ...

OUTDOOR : Planting should be delayed to the maximum in case you want a discreet cultivation . Otherwise , do not say I did not warn you . It is also advisable to use bamboo guardians so the wind will not break floral branches . Due to its tropical origins is able to withstand long periods of rain and adverse humidity , virtues that are donated by the structure of your heart , tall and airy. Are plants that appreciate the maximum sun exposure , developing his full genetic potential. If the crop is satisfactory, CUM LAUDE produce large and long buds with which you can be crowned as Emperor of the sativas .

混合Predominantly Sativa
Tiempo Maduración Interior65到75天
Tiempo Maduración Exterior10月底
产量400 gr/m2
血统渊源Reina Madre x Tijuana

Cannabis Cup Winner

Sativa | Indica

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