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A cross between a best-selling strain known for its massive yields and a very potent legendary North Alaskan Indica that smells and tastes like chocolate, the resulting hybrid retains the desired properties of its progenitors.

A medium-sized plant that produces copious amounts of resin, Punky Lion’s not too bushy, has short internodes and a very thick central tail surrounded by a glacier of crystals. Buds sometimes even sprout from the central part of its leaves. A dark plant, she exudes a very sweet fragrance and tastes a bit citrusy. A perfect blend of great yields and excellent quality!

Genotype100% Indica
Flowering Time Indoors from 50 to 55 days
Flowering Time Outdoors late September
TasteNoble wood
Way of croppingInd/Out
Yield600 gr/m2 indoor; up to 900 gr/plant outdoor
Resistance to moldVery high
Pest resistanceVery high
LineageMatanuska Tundra x Chronic
Irrigation toleranceVery high
Medicinal ValueVery high

1er Premio - Indica - Copa del Trueno - Chile 2018 (chocoweed)

Sativa | Indica
Noble wood

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Nithi 8/16/2019
I grow outdoor in tropical equatorial area. Punky Lion adapted well to hot rainy humid conditions. Form 42 heat to torrential rain, she grew very big and tall. Tolerates over watering and over feeding really well. There are two pheno's. Indica pheno is pure joy to grow but need to watch out for a little mold in the hot rain. Sativa pheno is a true monster that grows super strong. Buds and yield will not win beauty contest. But the clear headed stone is great. Eats, drinks, prepare for bed, then smoke. Deep and rejuvenating sleeps come before there is any negative effect. Punky Lion excellently relieve work stress and tension.

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