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Its flowers are covered with resin goes almost completely white .

Commercial variety of great reputation. We moved to the ancestors of Skunk , with its strong, pungent smell like aged cheese . It is a variety of easy cultivation .

Robust plant with fir pattern tends to be plump and medium height. It is ideal for achieving high production at discrete sites where plant height is a problem. Its flowers are covered with resin goes almost completely white . They are big and compact flowers , with little amount of small leaves and a faint green that tends to magenta in the harvesting phase .

A throwback to the old school flavors . An old skunk that leaves no one indifferent. To retain a touch of Cheese and avoid exceeding the initial flavors , we hybridized this wonderful plant with another eponymous yours different source that gives great stability. The result is great. A marked cheesy , with strong pleasant aftertaste and an enviable production flavor.

SMELL : The old scent of the 80s, typical of the first coffeeshops . Nostalgic Sweet and sour touches . A thick, stinking aroma reminiscent of aged cheese . Share with pioneers this ancestral flavor that will captivate you .

TASTE : Strong flavor that permeates everything from the first puff , with sour lactic feeling cheesy . Hence its name.

EFFECT : Notable relaxing and sensory sensation. Ideal for medicinal use . For recreational use is better not have anything to do.

Recommended for the extraction of resins and oils , for multiplying the taste and flavor present in the flowers.

INDOOR : It is a very versatile , versatile , adaptable plant that responds well if the parameters are not exactly tight. Extremely fragrant .

OUTDOOR : Plant with high demand for light that will bring enormous potential in a south orientation . Entutorarla essential from the start so that the weight of the flowers will not break the branches at the end of flowering.

GenotypePredominantly Indica
Flowering Time Indoors from 55 to 65 days
Flowering Time Outdoors mid-October
TasteCitric fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
LineageCheese x Cheese
Medicinal ValueMedium

Cannabis Cup Winner

Sativa | Indica
Citric fruit

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