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Sweet Bilbo

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SWEET BILBO, is a cross between one of our Canadian genetics that has been preserved since the beginning of our seed bank, the SWEET TOOTH, the famous award-winning strain which is a cross between Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Blueberry which we have then crossed and stabilized to create our original SWEET BILBO.

An Indica looking plant, medium height with large leaves and very branched. During the flowering process it produces very dense and resinous buds with a short flowering period of 50 to 55 days in indoors and outdoors and is ready in September, therefore its highly recommended to harvest on time.

Its aromas remind us of fruits such as peaches and grapes, including sweet must. You can also sense ocher and earthy flavors on the palate. Its effect is mostly resembling those of an Indica with a slight hint of a Sativa which does not make it devastating.

Type: Indica (indica / sativa)
Indoor Flowering: 50-55 days
Outdoor Harvest:
Northern Hemisphere: September
Southern Hemisphere: March
Indoor Production: 450-500 gr/m2
Outdoor Production: 1000-1300 gr/planta

GenotipoMainly Indica
Tempo Maturazione (Interno) da 50 a 55 giorni
Tempo Maturazione (Esterno) metà settembre
GustoFrutta dolce
Mode de cultureInterno / Esterno
Raccolto450-500 g/m2 Indoor | 1000-1300 g/pl Outdoor
LignaggioSweet Tooth
Sativa | Indica
Frutta dolce

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