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White Strawberry Skunk

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The White Strawberry Skunk is one of the fruitiest strains of cannabis ever to be bred.
The heritage from a famous Swiss strain called Erdbeer guarantees the typical strawberry aroma, while the resin formation is so dense it reminds of the famous White Widow.
The White Strawberry Skunk is a medium to tall plant, with medium size internodes, and long branches.
The plant likes a moderate feeding regime, and it is ready in 8-9 weeks of flowering.
Buds are large, irregular in shape and covered in thick resin.
The aroma translate very well after combustion, producing a full strawberry flavor and a skunky aftertaste.
Medicinally useful as an antidepressant, it produces a complex high that creeps slowly but stays long. 

It is a mild but pleasant body-effect and a stronger social cerebral high.


Swiss Erdbeer

medium-tall plant with internodes between 10 and 15 cm.

Flowering Indoor
8-9 weeks flowering time. Yield up to 800 gr/m2 (with 1000W HPS)

Flowering Outdoor
9 weeks flowering, it usually needs support for the long branches.

Taste (Burned)
strawberry, tropical fruits, mossy, with a skunky earthy background.

Scent (unburned)
fruity, sweet, almost creamy.

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like
irregular shaped, medium density, small calyx and very dense resin.

Speed of high onset

Duration of high
long lasting.

Quality/Type of high
mild, complex, body-like at first, then more cerebral and social.

Medicinal qualities
good as an anti-depressant.

Genotype50% Sativa - 50% Indica
Flowering Time Indoors from 60 to 70 days
TasteSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Yieldup to 800 gr/m2
LineageSwiss Erdbeer
Sativa | Indica
Sweet fruit

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